Hillary’s Book Signing Gets The Attention It Deserves

Originally posted at the Powdered Wig Society, here via the Arlin Report.  Click the link above the video, not the video itself. We want to rack up those view counts. This vid will come back around election time.


It’s Thirstday – So every Thursday I’ll Review A Brew

sculpinThis week it’s Ballast Point Brewery’s Sculpin IPA. For everyone that just groaned as soon as they saw “IPA”, don’t go away yet.

It’s true that many people are turned off by a hoppy brew but there’s no need to fear this beer. It very well balanced, smooth with a light finish. No bitter beer face with this one.

With a 7% ABV it packs a little punch to go along with the slightly fruity, lemony goodness. The hint of pine doesn’t overpower the traces of pineapple, banana and caramel. Copper pour with small head and thick lacing.

If you have tried an IPA and didn’t like it, give this one a try. Not overpowering and is perfect for a hot summer day. This would be one of the first IPAs I’d give to someone that has never tried one.

Why The American Flag Is Upside Down – A Nation In Distress


From the Flag Code

(a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. (Link)

Are we in extreme danger to life or property? I believe we are. The current administration made a deal with terrorists, the economy is in shambles and other nations perceive us as weak. That puts the lives and property of all Americans at risk. If you believe the same, Snag the Flag and put it on your blog. It’s time to protest, one of the rights we are guaranteed.

Pentagon Studying Protesters

protesterFrom the Washington Times:

One area of study that’s planned for the 2014-2017 time frame partners Cornell University researchers with the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research to come up with a model for the “dynamics of social movement mobilization and contagions,” the text of the program stated. That particular research area will ultimately determine the “critical mass (tipping point),” of civil uprisings, where protests turn violent, the program text states, The Guardian reported.

The research will also analyze social media users’ accounts, and look at Twitter posts and conversations “to identify individuals mobilized in a social contagion and when they become mobilized.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jun/13/us-defense-department-studying-protesters-prep-mas/#ixzz34wy3wmwl

Big Brother is alive and well. Does this make anyone feel safer? I certainly don’t.

Booze News

martiniI’ve added a collection of RSS feeds to bring some variety to the list of recipes you already have. You will notice them to your right as you scroll down the page. There is also a list of feeds for craft beers and Scotch to help you find something new to imbibe.

I thought it would be nice to collect recipes here as well. Found the perfect summer refresher? How about a new whisky that made it to your top ten list? Or a new craft beer that is now a must have in your fridge or cellar? Please feel free to share.

I’ll be reviewing a new craft beer every week beginning the first of the month. Until then, bottoms up!

Passing The Turing Test – Eugene Has Done It

turing-testOr has he? To quote The Star:

This go-round, a Russian-made program, which disguised itself as a 13-year-old boy named Eugene Goostman from Odessa, Ukraine, bamboozled 33 per cent of human questioners. Eugene, developed by a team of computer engineers led by Russian Vladimir Veselov and Ukrainian Eugene Demchenko, was one of five supercomputers who entered the 2014 Turing Test.

In order to pass the Turing Test, a computer program must trick 30% of humans that they are conversing with a real person. For this particular test, the program tricked 33% of the people conversing with the program for five minutes that it was a teenager speaking in a different language.

Yeah, that might skew the test a bit. In order for a program to fool people into thinking that it was a teenager the responses would have had to been riddled with misspelled words and such responses as, “OMG” and “WTF”. Of course, every four years we Americans are fooled into believing that an intelligent being is going to take the highest office in the land.

Beer Flops

beerflopsSince vacation season is here, thought you might like to increase your chances of finding a good beach party. Let the party follow you!

The people at FlipSidez have made the traveling party easier. Found those on a search for craft beers. I wonder if you can get them to say “Bring Grolsch?”

Anyway, just thought I’d share one of the odd things I found while surfing away from the beach. I can envision a whole beach of imprints around Spring Break. Anyway, off to surf the Web for more oddities.