Cohiba Cigars, Embargos and Bullshit


Cohiba Siglo IIIs, might be my favorite cigar. So, I want to know why the government can’t keep drugs out of the country that are smuggled in by the boatload, planeload and shipping container load, but Cuban cigars, that the government can manage.

Does anyone give a rat’s ass about Communism, or Castro? Is it still necessary to punish the people of a small country because of anything that happened in the 60s? The embargo is partly in place because of Cuba’s civil rights violations. Yet crippling a country’s economy and punishing the civilians is just fine. Civil rights violations? We tried to assassinate the leader of the country.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but damn, it would be nice to find them at the corner tobacco shop rather then smuggle them into the country disguised as Dominicans.