Thirstday Brew Review – Grolsch Premium Lager

grolsch-premium-lagerThe Thirstday beer review is a little late because some friends and I were reviewing it until the wee hours of the morning. I know Grolsh isn’t a craft beer but you can taste the craftsmanship in every swallow. So here goes…

First, the satisfying pop of the caged stopper signals that a celebration is forthcoming. I found no need for a glass because there is some unknown quality that makes drinking Grolsch from a bottle a very pleasant experience.

What we all noticed is that the slight skunky aroma didn’t affect the taste in a negative way. No pretentious notes to get in the way of enjoying a nice lager without all the fuss of determining lacing and head and what color pour it happened to be. It’s a beer to be enjoyed along the likes of Stella or Duvel.

We found no snobbishness in the aftertaste but after 9 or so of them it was fun to order them while trying to pronounce the name correctly. Also nice to enjoy a brew that’s not an IPA and have to comment on the “hoppiness“. Just enjoy the brew and the happiness without breaking out a beer journal to copy down every hint or trace of flavor that people go on about for hours, even though most of it is for the benefit of beer snobs that make beers sound like something you put on a horse or ride a horse through, or find on an island. – i.e. “hints of leather and winter wheat,” or, “graceful barley notes with a touch of papaya and dragon fruit.”.


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