What’s With All The Flavored Vodka?

Pop-Tarts-VodkaI just what to know what happened to honest BOOZE. Or for that matter, beer. A good martini doesn’t need any apple flavor in it, nor does a good beer need lemon or pomegranate.

I trip to a package store now resembles a trip to a children’s candy store or a bakery. Vodka comes in every flavor from apple to whipped cream. Whipped cream?

All that comes to mind is that people that don’t really like beer or booze feel the need to get drunk without tasting anything that resembles honest liquor. Which brings back memories of my youth in which girls wanted to drink but beer or whisky wouldn’t cut it. Cheap wine and even worse, watered down “screwdriver” flavored vodka or “coolers” were required.

For those of you rushing out the door to find the Pop-Tart® Vodka, stop, it was an April Fools’ Day prank. Make some BananaTinis instead…


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