Passing The Turing Test – Eugene Has Done It

turing-testOr has he? To quote The Star:

This go-round, a Russian-made program, which disguised itself as a 13-year-old boy named Eugene Goostman from Odessa, Ukraine, bamboozled 33 per cent of human questioners. Eugene, developed by a team of computer engineers led by Russian Vladimir Veselov and Ukrainian Eugene Demchenko, was one of five supercomputers who entered the 2014 Turing Test.

In order to pass the Turing Test, a computer program must trick 30% of humans that they are conversing with a real person. For this particular test, the program tricked 33% of the people conversing with the program for five minutes that it was a teenager speaking in a different language.

Yeah, that might skew the test a bit. In order for a program to fool people into thinking that it was a teenager the responses would have had to been riddled with misspelled words and such responses as, “OMG” and “WTF”. Of course, every four years we Americans are fooled into believing that an intelligent being is going to take the highest office in the land.


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